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About Me


I was born and raised in the suburb of Montreal Canada and moved to Miami, FL with my family in 1995. I met my husband in 1998 and had our first son, Kory in 2000. Seven years down the road, we welcomed Cole, and in 2010 Chase joined us. To complete our family, we adopted a rescue puppy, Tito. In between my first two boys, I was also able to complete college and I obtained a BBA in Management and a second one in International Business, all while working full-time.

Due to new work opportunity for my husband, we moved to Winston-Salem, NC in 2012. Moving to NC has allowed me to stay home and work part-time as a Bank Consultant. With that said, it has also allowed me to explore more on cooking and other projects that I couldn’t find time while working full-time and enduring long daily commutes to and from the city. I also trained and competed in a few triathlon with my longest distance achieved being an Olympic distance.

Now fast forward to 2015, we are now in Boulder, CO. We have reunited with family and couldn’t be happier. The kids get to walk/bike to school with the foothills as the backdrop.

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