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Apple Pie Spice Recipe

I just completely forgot about this post. I sometimes start writing about a subject and it just sits there as I completely forgot about it. So the week of Thanksgiving, my oldest son had a Friendsgiving to attend and he needed to bring an apple pie. We hadn’t had an apple in a very long time. I had never made one. Well, I had never made a pie…from scratch. One of the ingredient the apple pie recipe required was apple pie spice which I didn’t have. However, I had all ingredients to make it at home. Read More →

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Fall has arrived and with it comes the PUMPKIN season. There are always plenty of pumpkins to carve up around Halloween time and a great way to make use of the pumpkin seeds is to… roast them!!! It is an easy and healthy snack. My kids’ favorite!!!!

I love to eat them shells and all. If they’re properly toasted and are small to medium sized, they are wonderfully crunchy and easy to eat. The larger carving pumpkins will yield large seeds, which are probably best to eat shelled.

Pumpkin Seeds

The challenge has always been to get the salt evenly in and out the shells. It’s easy enough to salt the outside of the shells, but if you want the salt to permeate to the seeds, there is a magic trick. Well…no so magic. But easy to execute. It is so worth that extra step. Trust me.

BOIL the seeds first in salted water, then toast them in the oven. This way, the salt gets inside too. And you can control the amount of salt by how much you add to the water and how long you boil the seeds.

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How to Remove Gallstones Naturally…


This week, I am doing a liver/gallbladder flush. Why? Here is the thing.

While pregnant with baby #2, almost 9 years ago, I suffered from heartburn – what I thought it was – and a lot of it. Spicy, salty, and greasy food would trigger the pain. I would consume tons of TUMS thinking it would help. Many times the pain would keep me up at night, and sometimes, would be so intense that I would throw up.

The problem did not ceased after having my son. So about a year after my son was born, my doctor did an ultrasound of my gallbladder to see if I had any stones; it came back negative. After intensive research, I found out that even with a negative ultrasound, you STILL can have gallstones as they are most likely located in the back of the organ, which would not be visible with the ultrasound. Makes sense to me. Read More →

Going Green: One Step at a Time

Have you considered going green?? It will be painless easy on your wallet!  Even better – you are making the environment a better place to live for you AND your family. When I say ENVIRONMENT, I’m talking about your immediate surroundings.

Just take a look under your sink.  It doesn’t get much more toxic dumping ground than down there.  I bet there are a few bottles of very harsh chemicals that you have no idea how long they’ve been under there.  Don’t let the idea of going green overwhelm you either.  Start simply and with one thing at a time.  You will drive yourself to the brink of insanity if you try to tackle everything at once.

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Apples: The Original Superfood

Before we go running off into the sunset with our new best friend the Goji berry, let us not forget our edible pal from wayyyyy back.  The constant companion of many of my childhood school lunches. My kids eat tons of apples and used to put almond butter on them until almonds made my hand joints swell.  One of the original SUPER foods, the fabulous apple!!!

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Natural Remedies to Prevent and Kill Head Lice

Looking for a natural cure for head lice? Tea tree oil comes from the plant melaleuca alternifolia of Australia. The oil is created by steaming this plant which contains anti-fungal and antiseptic properties used to treat head lice effectively.

What is Head Lice?

Head lice are tiny parasitic bugs that live on the scalp and hair of humans. They are white in color and lay eggs attached to the hair shaft. They are easily spread from one person to another, especially among children going to school. Read More →

Almond Milk

Almond Milk!


I have been lactose intolerant since middle school and haven’t had a glass of milk since. But little than I knew, many Americans are allergic to conventional pasteurized milk, which is different than developing an intolerance to lactose. And for other health reason, many are switching to nut milk. I, on the other hand, recently developed a nut and seed sensitivity causing major joint inflammation, swelling, and sores in my hands. So, I have to limit my nut consumption.

Almond milk provides excellent sources of protein, fiber, vitamin E, zinc, iron, selenium, magnesium, and calcium. Almonds have essential fatty acids, vitamin-like oils. Essential fatty acids are required for a healthy nervous system, anti-inflammatory effects, hormone balance and cell structure. Read More →

Almond Flour

Almond flour and almond meal are used in many baking recipes. Not only they are gluten free but both ingredients are also high in protein. However, I try to avoid using almond flour because it is high in calories (1 cup of flour equals to 90 almonds – you do the math) and it is high in inflammatory polyunsaturated fatty acids (my fingers get swollen and painful skin sores can surface if indulging too many foods with almond). You can read more about the negative side effects of using almond flour here. But using it in moderation is the key. Read More →

Coconut Flour

Although coconut flour can be just as expensive as buying it already made in the store, there is nothing more satisfying than knowing that the flour you are using is homemade. Follow these simple 6 steps to make your own coconut flour.  Read More →

Taco Seasoning – The Best

Still using prepackaged taco seasoning? After trying this great recipe, you’ll never go back. And … you can make it at home in less than 2 minutes. It can also be modified by adding or removing heat or sodium. That is the beauty of DIY. This recipe makes about 3 tablespoons.  Read More →