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President Pak

President Pak Weight Loss

This pak has enough products to try for yourself … and plenty to share with friends and family who are interested in healthy weight loss, better body composition and optimum health.

This comprehensive Pak also has an assortment of powerful marketing tools to jump start your Isagenix business. Learn how to get your products for free by using these marketing tools.

Pak Components

QTY Product Name
1 Ageless Essentials™ with Product B® IsaGenesis®
4 IsaLean Shakes or IsaLean Pro
2 Cleanse for Life
1 Ionix Supreme
1 Cleanse Support Bundle – Accelerator, IsaFlush, and Snacks
1 IsaLean® Bars
1 IsaDelight Plus
1 Choose the final item to complete your Weight Loss Presidents Pak
1 IsaBlender® 9 Pc. Set
1 Tool Kit: Business Pak
1 Rejuvity® Sampler- 1ct
1 Event Coupon $75
1 System Guide – Weight Management 1ct


President Pak Weight Loss

A simple guide to a healthier you

**To maintain product quality during the warmer months (first of May to the end of October), if your pak or system contains IsaLean® Bars in Chocolate Cream Crisp and Chocolate Peanut Crunch or IsaDelight Plus™ these products may be shipped in eco-friendly, insulated coolers. The need for a cooler will be determined based on your delivery address. A cooler fits two units of product and a $6.00 fee per two units will be added to your order total. For example, one box of Chocolate Peanut Crunch IsaLean® Bars and one box of IsaDelight Plus™ equal two units and fit in one cooler for a cost of $6.00.